Our general terms and conditions for the rental of bicycles


General terms and conditions bike rental

§ 1 Scope of application
These terms and conditions apply to the rental of bicycles of any kind, which the tours, film & coffee GmbH, Managing Director Heinz Braunhofer, Pappelallee 76, 10437 Berlin (hereinafter referred to as lessor) offers. By booking the renter accepts these conditions.

§ 2 Obligations of the owner
1. The owner is obliged to rent their equipment to the individual in good condition.
2. If, during the rental period, a repair of the bike is needed to ensure the operation or its roadworthiness is still of standard, then the owner must carry this out or offer the individual an appropriate replacement vehicle. The individual may take the bike for repair to alternative establishments, but only with prior consent of the owner. Otherwise, the individual will carry the costs of the repairs.

§ 3 Obligations of the individual
1. The tenant confirms with his signature the receipt of the rental objects. Before using it, he must familiarize himself with the functioning of the bicycle and carry out a driving test. If at the beginning of the use obviously a technical defect that could affect the traffic safety before or occurs during use, the renter must immediately inform the lessor and to refrain from the use of the bike immediately.
2. The rental price is based on the agreement in the lease.
3. The lessor is entitled to charge the time value or the repair costs in the event of damage or loss of the bicycle.
4. In case of early return of the rental object, no refund of the rental price.
5. The tenant declares with his signature that he controls the vehicle and knows the rules of the StVO and is responsible for their compliance. The use of off-the-beaten path, to sporting competitions or the sublease of the rental objects are prohibited without the written permission of the lessor.
6. The renter agrees to secure the vehicle against theft. While the vehicle is not being used, it must be connected to fixed objects such as bicycle stirrups, masts, etc., using a lock provided by the landlord. In case of loss or total loss, it is liable for the replacement value of the bicycle, whereby the theft is to be reported by the police.

In case of loss of a bike lock or key we charge a fee i.H.v. € 20, – or € 10, -.

7. The minimum age for tenants is 16 years. Children and adolescents under the age of 16 are only allowed to leave the rental property if they are supervised by adults for the duration of the rental. In this case, the undersigned adult is liable.
8. The lessee must immediately notify the lessor of all defects and damage to the vehicle. If such an announcement is omitted, the renter is liable for all further costs arising from the non-display, in particular personal injury and property damage of third parties.
9. If the renter is involved in a traffic accident, he must in any case get the police to the scene of the accident and let them give him the accident number. This, as well as further information on the accident, he must notify the lessor.

§ 4 Liability of the individual
The individual renting of the bike is liable according to general liability rules, if they damage the bike or other rented property, or any other contract violation, then they will be penalized for this. The property must be returned in the exact condition that it was when first rented. Usual wear and tear is permitted. The individual’s liability extends to damage costs as well as expert costs, impairment or losses of rental income.

§ 5 Liability of the owner
The lessor is liable to the customer in cases of intent or gross negligence of the lessor, a representative or a vicarious agent in accordance with statutory provisions. The claim for damages for breach of essential contractual obligations (bicycle rental) is limited to the contractually typical, foreseeable damage. Incidentally, the liability of the lessor is excluded.

§ 6 Jurisdiction
Fulfilment and jurisdiction is in Berlin-Mitte.